Gola Superfoods now provides the option for you to have your own blend.

Create your own mix using our list of ingredients, you may provide for your customers uniques products with health benefits.

Request a quotation or ask for more details.

We provide products with our retail brand or our services for Private Label & OEM, Co-packing and White label.

You can benefit in aspects such as variety of nutritional products and certified products. Check our list of suggested blends that you can have with your brand:

Suggested Blends


Antioxidant Powder Blend

Immunity Powder Blend

Beauty Powder Blend

Health Skin/Nails/Hair Powder Blend

Detox Powder Blend

Energy/Power Powder Blend

Thermogenic Powder Blend

Dietary Powder Blend

Libido Powder Blend


Fiber Grains Blend

Protein Grains Blend

Low Cholesterol Grains Blend

Antioxidant Grains Blend

Multi-Vitamin Grains Blend


Relaxing/Calming Tea Blend

Weight Loss Tea Blend

Antioxidant Tea Blend

Energy/Power Tea Blend

Anti-inflammatory Tea Blend

Libido Tea Blend

Immunity Tea Blend

Detox Tea Blend

Renew Tea Blend


Low Fat Flour Blend

Low Sugar Flour Blend

Protein Flour Blend

Dietary Flour Blend

Digestion Flour Blend

In case you already have a blend, contact our staff to check the availability.